Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro

Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro


The Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro

One-Step angle adjustment

One-Step clamping

Angle adjustment from 14 – 26 degrees (28-52 degrees inclusive)

Storage Shelf that will hold up to 6 abrasive handle pairs

Maximum clamping width is 3/16″

Micro-adjustable ball jointed guide arms

Vise Jaw is free floating and will clamp almost any type of knife, including fully flat ground blades

Vise Jaw is self centering so the angle on each side of the knife is symmetrical

Included Diamond Plates (2) Each of:

100 Grit

200 Grit

400 Grit

600 Grit

800 Grit

1000 Grit


Hard case not included.