Benchmade 1100-12 Les de Asis Ink Pen

Benchmade 1100-12 Les de Asis Ink Pen


  • Cap Snaps Securely Both Open and Closed with Internal O-Ring Fitting
  • Anodized Blue Body & Cap
  • Anodized Black Barrel / Grip
  • Aluminum Body, Cap, and Grip
  • Removable BP-1 Coated Stainless Clip
  • Replaceable Fisher Space Pen Ink Cartridges
  • Black Ink



  • Ergonomic Knurling Pattern Provides Superior Grip and Comfortable Texturing
  • All Surfaces Have Been Anodized for Both Appearance and Wear
  • CNC Machined Body, Cap and Pen Grip
  • Non-Reflective Components for Tactical Applications
  • Ink Cartridges Manufactured for Benchmade by Fisher Pen Company
  • BP-1 Coated Stainless Pen Clip
  • Country of origin: USA


Note: The bold Sapphire Blue color was reserved on 1100 series aluminum pens to be given away as gifts by Benchmade founder Les de Asis. They have never appeared in the Benchmade catalog or website. Apparently there were not that many given out or those who received them have held on to them, because even finding a picture of one on the internet is rare. Most Benchmade collectors have never even seen one in person. Not to be confused with the gray blue 1100-16.